Warcraft: solo, and as a family

Most of the time when I'm playing WoW, I sort of use it as a way to zone out and relax. I'll quest, or pet battle, or gather herbs, or fish. I'm not a very driven, motivated WoW player. I definitely tend to take things at my own pace, and I don't feel the least bit of guilt or FOMO if I decide I don't really feel like spending time on something.
As I mentioned in an earlier post, I haven't been able to fly since Mists of Pandaria. Precisely because the grind to get flying isn't worth it to me. I don't need another job; I work enough hours as it is!
So my solo Warcraft time is a way for me to just zone out at the end of the day, or to relax during breaks from work during the day. Complete a quest or two, log out, done.

My husband and I used to play together more, leveling, and I don't doubt that we will again someday when we both have more time and life isn't so hectic. A few years back, we started a family Warcraft night in which me, my husband, and his brother would group up and usually level via random battlegrounds, with occasional quest in between. It was a fun way to end the week, and we've rarely missed a Friday night since. I've leveled at least 4 of my alts that way, and had a lot of fun doing it.

And then a couple of years ago, my teenaged daughters wanted to try it. So they did. And they got hooked, and then we went from a two-subscription household to a four-subscription household. And they joined in our Friday nights, so now there are five of us grouped up leveling together. We're on our second set of characters we've leveled, currently doing Legion content. And I love it. It's amazing to me, that when I started playing WoW, both of them were toddlers, and we would have to put off Friday night WoW time until they were finally fast asleep. And now they're playing with us.
And sometimes out-DPSing me...

There was that time all 5 of us made gnome death knights. AKA, Team Deathgnome. Hilarity ensued.

Other than our Friday nights, maybe once a week or so, my daughters and I will group up and do some questing. This is different from my solo WoW time in that it's much more focused, but a bit more relaxed than our Friday nights, because my daughters and I all seem to get fairly easily distracted by things in-game, and we all share a love of transmog that requires trips back to Stormwind or Dalaran on a regular basis.

It's been fun seeing how they've each found their own way to play the game. My oldest is a lot like me: happiest solo questing, for the most part, and avoids dungeons and raids (unless she can solo them for transmog/pets) like the plague. Her sister, however, has no qualms about jumping into a dungeon queue and she's very, very focused about collecting certain transmog pieces. And I think it's adorable that Legion is her favorite expansion, so she's never really in any hurry to move on. In fact, she's barely done any BfA content at all and she's perfectly happy with that.
I just find it amazing that this is a game that I've played for so long now, long enough to watch my teenagers, and, hopefully soon, their younger brother and sister, fall in love with it, too. And I love that it's one more thing we can do as a family, even with those (like my brother in law) who live a couple hundred miles away.
Do you play WoW with family? Do your kids play it? Or are you happiest just playing on your own?

This is my third post for this year's Blaugust celebration of blogging! 


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