My Week in Warcraft: Leveling with my daughters, Pathfinder, and playing through Legion again

The highlight of my week in Warcraft has been starting new characters with my teenage daughters and leveling them together on Zangarmarsh, which is the realm I'm playing on more now because I've finally found a guild I like there (Team Murloc <3 ). So they wanted characters on Zangarmarsh too because eventually (when I lift parental controls a bit) they probably want to join the guild as well.
So we started our characters. I started a night elf druid, my oldest started a gnome rogue, and her sister started a draenei shaman. After a couple hours of playing, they're sitting at level 10. We're planning to get back to leveling them a bit more on Saturday. We leveled them Tuesday and Wednesday nights for about an hour each night, after their younger brother and sister went to bed. It was a fun way for all three of us to relax and spend some time together at the end of the day.

Flying (level 60)

I started my first character on Zangarmarsh for Team Murloc a few months ago, but I hadn't played her a ton and even when I do, I'm a very slow leveler. But she hit level 60 yesterday and she can FLY. So leveling will go much faster now which is great. I was happy. And Outland is still one of my favorite areas to level through so I'm looking forward  to this next stage of leveling.


Okay. So about a week ago I said that one of my Warcraft goals for this month was to work on the various Pathfinders so I can get flying in WoD, Legion, and BfA. And I spent a couple days working toward that for BfA and.... screw that.
It was starting to feel like another job to me, and instead of having fun playing or relaxing playing I was making lists and checking things off and strategizing and just putting WAY to much effort into something that, for me, is about relaxation. This is not saying anything against those of you who are very goal-oriented playing WoW -- like I've said before, we all play it differently. And as excited as I was to get flying for my level 60 mage, the amount of work I have to put into getting flying for later expansions just is NOT worth it to me. And now that I realize that about myself (again, because I used to know it but then thought maybe I was mistaken. But I was definitely right to begin with...) I can just go back to randomly starting alts and focusing on gearing up my 2 characters I consider to be my mains (because I can't choose between them...)

Leveling through Legion

Our Friday night family WoW group has started Legion and we finished Stormheim and Aszuna, and we're going to be leveling through Valsharah this week. It should be fun, and all my one daughter wants is for us to get to Argus, because that's her favorite area in the entire game. So we're working toward that and I'm looking forward to revisiting Argus. It's been a while.

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