#Blaugust2019 AKA a perfect reason to start a new blog!

I've been kicking an idea for a new blog, this blog, actually, around for a while now. For a while I had Wordy Introvert as a self-hosted blog, and I didn't do anything with it and ended up getting rid of it. But for the past few months I've been thinking that it might be fun to bring it back as my personal blog (as opposed to my professional/writing blog) -- just a place to write about whatever randomness is going through my mind.
So, sometimes I'll post about what I'm reading. Sometimes I'll post about games (usually World of Warcraft, though I do like the occasional soothing mobile game as well!). And other times I'll post about crafting or my garden or my pets or I'll ramble about whatever's on my mind.
Should be fun!
But what finally gave me the kick in the pants to start the blog instead of just thinking about it is the annual Blaugust blogging event created by Belghast. I've seen the posts in previous years and thought it would be fun (and as anyone who reads this blog will soon discover, I love challenges. Reading challenges, crafting challenges, writing challenges -- LOVE them) so this years I decided to finally just jump in and do it!
My goal for Blaugust is to actually post something every day of the event, to share what I write, and to make sure to read at least a few of the posts by other Blaugust participants. And my goal beyond Blaugust is to keep up the daily or almost-daily blogging practice. We'll see how it goes!
I'm excited to start this challenge and this blog and to get to know members of the Warcraft and blogging communities better.


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