Warcraft, hobby, and reading goals for August

July got away from me in a flurry of writing deadlines, and then my sweet asshole of a cat knocked my laptop (which is what I play Warcraft on, since my desktop is really slow) off of my desk, cracking the screen. So I can still play WoW on it, but it's hooked up to an external monitor, sitting on my desk which makes it... not a laptop anymore. And I usually played WoW while sitting on the couch in the evenings, watching TV with my kids.
So that has kind of sucked. On the upside, I've read more since the laptop has become less laptop-ish, and I'm feeling excited about other hobbies again as well. So, silver lining, I suppose?
Limited WoW time doesn't mean I can't still set some goals, and probably it's better that I do so I'm not wasting my limited gaming time! And I have some goals for my other hobbies and reading as well.

Warcraft Goals

1. Start working on the various Pathfinder achievements. I haven't been able to fly since Mists of Pandaria because I slacked off on doing the rep and achievement grinds to get flying through WoD, Legion, and now BfA. But I really miss flying and I know I'll level all of my alts faster if I just... get flying. So in August I'd at least like to get one of those Pathfinders knocked out. It's just a matter of whether I want to focus on BfA first and work my way back, or start with WoD and work my way forward. Any ideas or tips you have about that would be hugely appreciated.
2. Get my Draenei hunter to 120. She's sitting at 115 now and I sometimes level her with my daughters. I'd like to just get her finished up and then focus on leveling one of my other alts next.
3. Create a character for Classic and play it when it launches. I didn't play Vanilla. I started playing during Cataclysm. And I really kind of don't care either way about Classic, but my lovely guild (Team Murloc!) is starting a Classic guild and if I'm going to try it, I may as well try with them. We'll see how it goes. I'm not all that excited about it. Maybe you can tell.

Reading Goals

1. Read the August book for my book club (Cleft of Shadows guild, which is a lovely book club guild/Horde guild), which is A Girl Like Her by Talia Hibbert. This will be a re-read for me since I suggested this book in the first place, and I'm completely looking forward to it.
2. Finish reading the ARC I just got from an author friend of mine. Which shouldn't be hard since I can't stop reading it!
3. Read at least 4 more books besides those two. Not sure which ones yet. I just know I've been on a reading streak again and I don't want it to end.

Hobby Goals

1. Gardening: get the fall vegetable garden planted, harvest and dry herbs regularly from the herb garden. Finish harvesting the currants and make currant jelly and syrup.
2. Crochet: start working on my amigurumi projects again. I'd started practicing making little amigurumi cats and bunnies in the fall but didn't finish them because I needed pieces (safety eyes) and my forgetful self keeps forgetting to buy them when we go to craft stores. I'll remember next time we go, but between now and then I can get a couple more projects started, at least.

So that's it: my August fun goals. Which sounds weird. Who sets goals for their leisure time? Apparently I do, or I sit on my phone scrolling through Instagram instead of actually doing something fun. Do you set gaming or hobby goals?

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  1. Ahh cats. If I fits, I sits. And if I don't fits? Somethin' gotta go. xD

    Glad the laptop is at least still functional for you though!

    Also, I missed commenting on your original post -- but you noted the odd soothing mobile game, and I have to ask, what games fit that category for you?

    1. Hi Naithin! Yeah, cats are fun lol. Right now, I'm playing Terrarium (literally growing virtual plants. So soothing!), Hay Day, and Neko Atsume. I'm also trying out a game called Purrfect but I'm not sure I'm loving it yet. Not as soothing as the others! Thanks so much for stopping by!

  2. Hey, not being able to fly since Mists of Pandaria crew represent! Good luck with your pathfinder :)

    1. Woo! I'm not the only one!! lol. Thank you! <3


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